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Dairy Beef Alliance, as the livestock production arm of Security Foods Pty Ltd, is responsible for producing both high quality Wagyu/Holstein cross cattle and the more prominent breed, the Australian Black, which has been bred for Australian conditions to produce beef with high marbling, delicate flavour and exquisite tenderness.

The entire cattle breeding program is designed to produce beef of the highest standard for both meat quality and safety. All stages of the production chain are managed in accordance with strict quality assurance protocols to ensure food safety and animal welfare.

Through our network of dedicated producers, we are able to carefully manage our cattle to satisfy our customers requirements, both domestically and internationally.

We are passionate about our product and will continue to focus on the quality and sustainability of our cattle breeding program, which will keep us as an industry leader into the future.

For further information or to book an on farm appointment please call Peter Wilkinson on 03 5764 1370 or send an email.

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Wagyu+Holstein Flyer

Wagyu+Holstein Flyer

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