Opportunities for Dairy Farmers

Dairy Beef Alliance (DBA) is proud to offer dairy farmers the opportunity to be part of our rapidly expanding and elite production system which has been designed to give you stability in calf prices.

DBA has been producing Holstein/Wagyu Cross (F1) beef for over 15 years. While DBA produces some of the best beef in the world, we are highly regarded for our integrity and association with value adding calves in the dairy industry. Building long term relationships with our producers is part of our production system as we endeavour to offer a reliable service.

DBA offers dairy farmers 2 options to become involved:

Option 1

The first option is for dairy farmers to join their Holstein heifers and cows to DBA Wagyu semen under contract to supply (F1) calves to Dairy Beef Alliance. These calves are picked up between 4 and 8 Days of age by one of our team of professional calf rearers. This is backed up by payment within 14 days directly into your bank account.

Forward pricing of calves for both steers and heifers allows you to budget on your following calf drop. Low birth weight of the DBA Wagyu sires is also a big advantage when joining maiden heifers. The value of a low stress calving for both the producer and the maiden is invaluable to the future production of the herd.

Current pricing for 2019 is $325.00 inc gst for 7 day old calves (conditions apply).

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Option 2

The second option available to dairy farmers is to rear the calves to 12 weeks of age or minimum 90 kgs before supplying them to DBA. This is a great option to value add to your calves. Calves supplied to DBA need to be vaccinated, castrated and dehorned as part of our QA protocols. These livestock practices can be incorporated into your current farm practice, allowing for full utilisation of labour and available commodities.

Current pricing for 2019 is $525.00 inc gst for 12 week old calves (conditions apply).

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Both of these options are covered by our Quality Management System which is overviewed by Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS). On farm support is also available to assist you with any calf rearing issues that may arise.

Do you want the best value for your calves?

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