Food safety is an issue of fundamental importance in the premium meat market. Consumers want to know that the beef they purchase is “healthy”, that it is free from any chemical residue and that there is no disease risk associated with eating it.

To ensure quality and safety targets of the end product are met, a quality management system has been implemented to ensure that all inputs into the production of the end product are traceable. The Quality Assurance unit verifies through the audit process that all procedures and processes are carried out correctly.

To further guarantee the healthy nature our beef, none of the company's livestock are treated with antibiotic or hormonal growth promotants, nor do they have access to any genetically modified feeds.

  • NLIS – National Livestock Identification Scheme
    All Dairy Beef Alliance producers are registered with NLIS scheme with lifetime traceability.
  • Feedlot Accredited
    NFAS Accredited Feedlots
  • AusMeat
    Establishment No: 239
  • JAS – Japanese Agricultural Systems
    Registration No: BFOS3022
  • AQIS
    Export No: 2083


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